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Elena S. Dimitrova

The Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology (SCMB) invites applications for postdoctoral scholar positions for 2018-2019. SCMB is a newly funded NSF-Simons Research Center for Mathematics of Complex Biological Systems, with a core mission of catalyzing new cross-disciplinary collaborations between biosystems experimentalists and interdisciplinary mathematicians.

The project whose mathematical component will be performed at Clemson University will be a collaboration with Prof. Melissa Kemp at Georgia Tech and will investigate how stem cells pattern within colonies due to specific cell-cell communication. We will use the mathematical framework of Boolean canalizing functions for modeling, prediction, and identification of the cues that direct stem cell into differentiated lineages. The work will require developing theoretical and computational algebraic tools and testing the insight gained from analysis on stem cells that are engineered to produce Turing-like patterns.

Note that prior interdisciplinary experience is not required; candidates with computational experience and looking to broaden their field of interest are strongly encouraged to apply for this position.

Applicants should visit the full job description at and contact me with any questions.

Department of Mathematical Sciences
O-303 Martin Hall
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0975
Phone: 864-656-1524
Fax: 864-656-5230
Email: edimit at clemson . edu

I am an Associate Professor and the Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Clemson University. My research involves theoretical development and practical application of algebraic models of biochemical networks. I also work in algebraic design of experiments with the goal of determining the optimal amount and type of experimental data needed for algebraic model construction. The models used in this work are time- and state-discrete dynamical systems, described by polynomial functions over a finite field.

Research Interests
Algebraic design of experiments
Computational algebra
Discrete models of biochemical networks
Gröbner fans of zero-dimensional ideals
Polynomial maps over finite fields
Reverse-engineering methods
Education and Training
Ph.D. in Mathematics (Advisor: Reinhard Laubenbacher)
M.S. in Mathematics
B.A. in Computer Science
Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech
American University in Bulgaria
Blacksburg, Virginia
Blacksburg, Virginia
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria